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Jerod’s Story

Donations are being accepted for: the Benefit for Jerod Nieder at Douglas County Bank in Lawrence, KS, Tribute Donations made here are for the sole use of this website by CaringBridge and do not directly benefit Jerod.

We would like to thank everyone that came to the benefit for Jerod, sent encouraging messages, purchased t-shirts and bracelets or contributed to his fund. It was a huge success and the support from so many family and friends is extremely encouraging. 

He has a long road ahead and appreciates your help. Thank you!

Mexico is not an unknown territory to the Nieder family. We have been going for years. Our trip on Sunday, December 18th was unlike any other. We unpacked and headed straight for the beach. Jerod was the first to dive in. Unknown to Jerod and the rest of our group, there was a cluster of boulders just beneath the surface of the water. The blow that was caused by the collision left Jerod face down in the water with a broken neck. He was unable to move but remained conscious. In the seconds between the impact and rescue; Jerod was aware that he needed to hold his breath. His brother, Cale, took notice of his situation and pulled him out of the water and all Jerod was able to say was “in trouble.” After he was pulled clear of the water, in-line stabilization was continued.EMT’s arrived and took Jerod to the hospital. The first of many complications began when the ambulance pulled up to the first hospital. They would not open the ambulance doors until a credit card was given. Care was given as soon as the credit card was handed over. After the CT scan we were notified that his C4, C5, and C7 vertebrae were damaged. The doctors concluded that his C5 was shattered and pushed into his spinal column.The doctors told us that Jerod needed surgery to remove the pressure from his spinal cord and that it was a time sensitive situation. It was a difficult decision but we decided to have the surgery performed in Cancun. The surgery lasted 6 hours and went until 6 a.m. on Monday morning. After the surgery, Jerod stayed in the ICU in Cancun. The ICU in Cancun was worse than ever expected. He was not well taken care of and visiting hours were strict and slim.The nurses neglected him and the overall experience was a nightmare until Tuesday night when Jerod was finally taken to Denver via an air ambulance. He only spent a day and a half in Cancun but it felt like an eternity He is now being treated at Craig Hospital.

Latest Journal Update

Anybody still watch this?

ive been keeping people updated via Facebook these last two years but realize I may have lost some of you.  If anybody wants this site updated it'd be easy copy over my posts. I'm doing great, I've been in Louisville Kentucky in dr harkemas research program for the past 3 months and can't complain. Hoping for continued progress for all of us in 2016!!
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Nick Williams
By Nick Williams
Got you on FB, the videos & pics are where it's at!
pam pine
Im still stalking you handsome:)
Carol Kaufman
By Carol Kaufman
Following you on Facebook. Keep up the good work!
peggy callahan
By peggy callahan
great to hear from you Jerod! Brad has kept us informed about your progress. we are so thrilled to hear this good news and wish you continued strength and hope. you have made this happen and you can keep it up. go Jerod go!!! Much love, peggy and bob
Cindy Sears
By Cindy Sears
I'm one of those lost folks, and I'm delighted to read this post about your progress, Beautiful Jerod! Thank you! Thinking of you so often.
larry wilkerson
By Larry Wilkerson
I'm also following your post on Facebook! Keep up the hard work and dedication and you will make it my friend!!!!!

Don't ever give up!!!!
Sam Porritt
By Sam Porritt
I'm also following you on Facebook. It's so great that you were accepted into Dr Harkema's program and really fun to see the progress you're making. Never, never, never give up!
Chris Johnson
By Chris Nieder Johnson
Keeping watch on Facebook as your Aunt Jeri posts your tremendous hard work! Your perseverance is one for the books and you will be a light for others to follow. Sending best wishes your way.