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So much to tell you !!!!!

We had a wonderful vacation in July with all our children being home and going to Camp Patmos for Family Camp. Only rough thing that happened was I was sick some of the days and thankfully Joy's husband could help put Jeremy to bed, turn him during the night and get him up and the morning plus his sisters and Nick helped a lot to.  Jeremy almost froze one day, the wind was blowing and by the end of the day his body temperature was down to 94 degrees. I had brought an electric blanket and a heater so we got him warmed up. My granddaughter, Katelynn was so brave, she went tubing with her parents!!! We enjoyed our grand kids and got to know Matt, he is Katelynn's big brother. Joy and the girls stayed for 2 more weeks, which was great, we went to a baseball game that had fireworks after which was so cool for Katelynn and Gracie to see. While Joy was here she found a site on the Internet called MyoPro, they make arm braces so she called and got information so Jeremy could go check it out. The arm brace is control by signals  his body puts out from moving his bicep. Jeremy did not have enough movement in his bicep but he does in his shoulders. So HOLD YOUR HEARTS AND PRAISE AND THANK THE LORD, Jeremy was able to move the brace on his arm up and down by moving his shoulder up and down!!!  Well before they consider fitting him, they are in the process on working on a brace for the hand and fingers , Jeremy being able to move his arm up and down would be great but using his hand and fingers to itch his face or feed himself would be better !!!  So the work has begun on the hand and finger brace and hopefully it will be able to be tested in a couple of months !!!! If Medical Mutual OKs this for Jeremy, they are paying 100 %!!! Jeremy will be off his dad's insurance in November so pray Medical Mutual OKs this. Jeremy is also asking Medical Mutual for a new wheelchair, he feels his body has changed and life would be much better in a properly fitted chair. After Joy went home Jeremy and I got sick, I had a feel bad sore throat and i was so tired, Jeremy had a sore throat and his sinuses were draining. We both went to the doctor, he was given antibiotic to prevent pneumonia. We have a machine that helps him cough up the Flem and he was using it. He got better faster them me, it was rough, I was so tired for 2 weeks. I finally feel better. My family was altogether at the end of July, it was so nice to see my nieces, Annalise and Audrey, and Greg and Karen, Roger and Karen , John and Lori and all their kids and grandson!!!  Jeremy computer broke and he got a new one and I was banded from using this one for a while. I'm allowed to update Caringbridge but that's about all. You see i spilled ice tea on his other one !!! Thanks for praying, I'll try to write more frequent.  Marcia
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connie lukacs
Praise God for the hopeful news on the brace!!!! :) Will be in prayer!
Is Jeremy getting Medicare? If he is able to get on Medicare and then medicaid as well please please be careful! Do NOT go with the managed care for that. It is messing up what pts receive. Keep the 2 separate. You do have that option! If you have questions my cell is 614.203.5649
Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!
Have missed hearing from you.
In Him,
Charlotte Kidd
Great to hear the family had a good time together and hopefully Jeremy will be able to use the new brace!
Karen Schaffner
By Karen Schaffner
Praise God. I'll write more later.