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  • Written Dec 30, 2012 11:52am

    Ok I am putting all updates that were done overnight on the same post.

    ): he didn't gain weight! Don't know what's going to happen! This SOOOO bites! Guess all i can do is have faith until the doctors come in.

    Then about 6 hours later this was this wonderful update:

    WE ARE GOING HOME! Under one circumstance. . . No visitors! So as much as everyone wants to meet him. We have to wait. Little big guy can't handle the outside world all the way! We will make sure people gets pictures. Thank god we are GOING home! Yay. 

    Have to admit i am beyond nervous :-\
  • Written Dec 29, 2012 3:45pm

    Well as long as my little big guy gains weight. . . WE WILL BE GOING HOME TOMORROW! He has done tremendously well. We won't have any machines. Just our sweet bundle of joy. 

    Through this hard time A LOT of people pulled together and showed their true colors. Ones that followed us just to check on the baby and us. I really truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really find out who your friends are and who doesn't even matter. 

    The doctors here at Toledo came and were very impressed with little big guy. The women who called me with all the bad news even came to say she is very happy things turned around. She apologized about the first time we talked cause she knew he was very very ill and she also was the one that told me she could not tell me he was going to make it. To even think of that day makes me jump out of my skin. So a special thanks to the medical team that truly took pride in their work and who worked really hard to give my baby a chance! Rebecca Shrader you were apart of that and you will always hold a part of my heart with the medical team.

    Too my amazing cousins Sarah LojewskiHeather Heffran, and Zachariah Heffran, you guys were phenomenal. I don't know what i could of done without you guys! I love you and i can't even thank you enough. As far as you Sarah, I am glad to have you back!

    Jess Chapman and Steffanie Kahl-Bonn, thank you for EVERYTHING. You guys were completely here for Jeremy when i couldn't be. You even were here for me. You two were amazing and i love you guys! Don't know what we would have done without you two! Jess i am so glad that me have set some differences aside and are gonna try this family thing (;!

    Many many friends get special thanks. There is too many to name but I promise you all know who you are! I love you guys! You were amazing. You showed me so much support and was just by my side the entire way. One guy that gets a very big chunk of my heart and respect is Todd E. SImkus. When we arrived at U of M we didn't know if they were gonna be able to save our baby, Todd stood next to Jeremy and I both strong as ever! As hard as it was to see Jeremy Chapman crumble to his feet Todd was there to catch us every step of the way and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were a very strong willed person and you kept us together. For SHIT sake you made it to the hospital right with us. That meant a lot. I hope you know how much i appreciate you.

    Last but NOT LEAST! Thank you Becky Floyd and Aunt Aimee Dillon. With you two being here made it possible for us to focus on our baby. It wasn't easy and I know it took a lot out on you two but i love you two. Nothing could tell you how thankful i am for you two. Sorry the visit didn't go as planned but soon we will visit and maybe things will go different. 

  • Written Dec 29, 2012 8:11am

    This was from yesterday.GOOD NEWS! Baby Jeremy will be coming off oxygen today. He has to go 48 hours showing he can do this all by himself then WE GO HOME. So hopefully this weekend we will be home (: Lets please say prayers that he can do this! This would be beyond awesome. Plus Becky Floyd (Mimi) and Aunt Aimee Dillon would like to see you and return home!

    Happy 3 weeks baby boy! Jeremy Chapman (Daddy) and Mommy love you! we are so proud of you and what you have over come. You have showed many people how much of a fighter you are. Many are amazed and astonished at the progress you made. You also are very well known here for everything you have beat. I LOVE YOU BABY! xoxox

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