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So happy to be home. Jennings arrived in grand fashion this past Tuesday in a stretch limo all thanks to very good friends. She is doing well loving life out of the hospital. We are happy as a family to begin this new chapter and thank God for allowing this chapter to be written. 
As we try to settle in to "life as usual" we cant help but think back to where we came from. I am sure I will use several cliche's during this post ....... BUT...... Maybe the better phrase is "life lessons". 
Life seemed pretty peaceful for our family until December 28, 2013. We had our normal routine, taking for granted the "WHAT IF??"
Well..... "WHAT IF" happened and life turned upside down with one helicopter trip to Dallas. 
Three months later, with thousands of prayers, our family is learning that you never take a single day.... a single moment.....for granted. Jennings went through a terrible experience, and has weathered it remarkably. 
I know lots of people who have diligently prayed for Jennings and wonder daily how she is doing. I am happy to report that your ( OUR ) prayers were answered and she is doing amazing. 
As can be expected, she needs time to fully recover, but her spunky spirit is alive and well and she is determined to make full recovery!!
She decided today to venture upstairs by herself!!..... Needless to say, Daddy freaked when he got wind of this!!
I guess she knows her strength and we will just have to let her FLY!!
Again, thanks to all who placed Jennings at the feet of God for healing!!
In Christ,
Mark and Dana

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Rita Davis
So glad she is doing so well...She had us all worried there for a while.
julie bell
daddy needs to quit freaking out. i'm a mom so i know but she would not be trying out those wings if she wasn't ready ! prayers continue
Deborah Bequette
By Deborah- Snyder, TX
Have to just smile and continue to praise our God for HIS awesome grace, mercy, and love! Keep us posted as we continue to lift y'all up in prayer.
Mary McCarthy
By Mary McCarthy
so happy for all of you. Prayers answered.