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Set back...

I'm very sad to report Jennings did NOT get her release due to concerns over her blood pressure. She is SO disappointed!!! The kidney doctor wants her to have another test done to try to determine why her BP is high. Maybe tomorrow. Please pray for the doctors to be able to figure out why she's having BP issues. Also we need to pray for her to be able to accept this set back. No doubt she's in tears! So more prayers please and hang on to all your green! Ill update when I hear more. Thank you!
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Jan Hall
By Jan Hall, Southwest Airlines
We are praying for Jennings' blood pressure to even out, hopefully, with something as simple as a medication adjustment. (HUGS to you, sweet Jennings!!!)
Anita Shipwash
By Anita Shipwash
I can't even begin to imagine her disappointment. Praying for precious Jennings as well as her family.
Paula Nichols
By Paula Nichols
I know this is disappointing but praying that it is just a very small bump on the road home.
Glynis Ritter
By Glynis
Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. Still in my thoughts and prayers!
Trish Brown
By Trish & Rex Brown
Hang in there! We are praying for you!!