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Welcome Jennings!

Tomorrow, we are suggesting people line the roadsides at Hwy 80 and Warren Drive down to Memorial to welcomeJennings home! Wear your green, make signs, have balloons - or just have big waves for her as they head home! We aren't sure about the exact time but I'll post as soon as I know. It'll be sometime around 5 or 6. But again, I'll post when I know! We've ALL waited for this day and it's finally here!! Praise The Lord!!!
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anita jones
By anita jones
I would but I'm in Tyler the next two days. I'm so happy she is coming home. The power of prayer is awesome.
Deborah Bequette
By Deborah- Snyder, TX
Would love to be there in person, but it is about 7 hrs away! Lol I am there in spirit ;)