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From Dana

"The Lord is my strength and I will walk thru this with him. He is holding my hand as well as Jennings hand!!"
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Laurie Workman
Praying for this precious teenager and for her family and medical team! Praying for God to wrap his healing arms around her and give her & her family the peace and strength that only He can give!
Stephanie Paine
By Stephanie & Ricky Paine
Stopping what we are doing several times a day... Praying for this child of God. Please Lord wrap your loving and healing arms around Jennings and bring her through this. Lord give Mark, Dana, and Reagan along with the rest of Jennings' family, friends, doctors, nurses, and caregivers all the strength and knowledge to deal with each situation. Please lift this family Lord unto you with healing arms. It is in your son's name we pray, Amen.
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olivia propes
By Olivia Propes
Praying for Jennings. Its amazing to see that she is doing better than before. Oh how amazing our God is. I know that Children's is providing the beat for her considering I too have been there so many times. As for Jennings she is a strong girl!
Jennifer Tidmore
By Jennifer tidmore
Continuing to pray. Praying for her healing, strength for all of you and for God to guide the care team.
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