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Prayer Specifics

Dana has requested specific prayers over Jennings kidneys today. Also, it is most important to pray, not only for Jennings continued healing, but over the medical staff caring for her. They are making critical decisions over what is best for Jennings. At this time the decision is whether or not to start her on dialysis. We'll update everyone more throughout the day. Your continued prayers are needed!
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Karla Heath
By Brandon and Karla Heath
Melissa Dotson
By Chris and Melissa Dotson
Julie Densmore
By Julie Densmore
Praying and thinking about you guys constantly.
Sandy Skipper
By Sandy Skipper
Specifically praying throughout this day for the return of Jenning's kidney function and for strength & a spirit of calmness for Mark, Dana & Reagan. And for peace of mind for Grandma & family back home in Marshall.
Brenda Hubbard
By Brenda hubbard
Vicki Potts
By Vicki Potts
Continuing to pray and to trust that God is hearing and answering our prayers. Asking for peace and for wisdom for the doctors and the family and for complete healing and recovery for Jennings.
Vickie Pearson
By Vickie Pearson
Praying for the wisdom and compassion of the staff attending to Jennings and the return of normal kidney function.
GaryAnna Evers
By GaryAnna Evers
Our prayers, and many more in RC, are with you today. Especially, we are praying today for a return to normal kidney functions.
Faye McIntosh
By Faye McIntosh
Praying for the best decisions to be made by the medical staff for Jennings healing process. May God give all the family peace and comfort during this time of decisions and healing!! Love and hugs!