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5:30 pm Update from Dana

Dana, Jennings mom, just phoned me to give a wonderful update. The nurses came to get the family because Jennings had opened her eyes and was responding to questions with blinks! When she saw her family, Dana said, "her eyes got real big and she teared up!"  Dana said to thank you for praying and to please keep praying! The prayers are working!  They haven't been able to do her CAT scan because of another critical patient that they're tending to. However, it is a good sign that Jenning's brain appears to be functioning! This is a great relief for her worried family.  Thank you all and please keep praying for sweet Jennings! 
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Marcia Jackson
By Marcia Jackson
Praying for you and your family baby. I pray everything gets better for you. Yes i will keep you in my prayers...
Marcia Jackson
By Marcia Jackson
Praying for you and your family sweetie...
Stephanie Paine
By Stephanie & Ricky Paine
Keeping Jennings, the family, doctors, and nurses in our prayers. We pray for strength and the knowledge to treat Jennings for fast and effective results. We pray for God's healing power. We will continue to pray until Jennings is home.
Patty Beall
By patty beall
praying that god will heal your precious child! please know there are many prayers going up for your family!
anita jones
By anita jones
Praying for you Jennings and your family. Keep getting better and stronger. Me and Lydia having been thinking of you all day.
Elizabeth Neel
By Elizabeth Neel
Mark and Dana
Terry and I are praying for your beautful daughter Jennings. i also talk to Lorene in Alaska and her church is also praying for a full recover. We know our God can do anything and he will heal Jennings.