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Jennifer has been working hard during her stay at RIC. She has had therapy for 3-4 hours everyday and they have been impressed with her strength and her determination. She is scheduled to leave RIC on July 15th. We found an apartment for her in an elevator building with huge windows and a great view. She will be homebound for quite a while and we wanted a happy feeling apartment. Her plastic surgeon was very happy with the healing process on both the donor site and the graft. They have taken out all of her stitches and staples now. The sports doctor said one of the ligaments in her left knee is tightening up and so they are delaying any surgery on that for a while at least. The orthopedic surgeon said she will be able to start putting weight on both legs at the end of August. She currently is wearing a brace on her left leg and foot braces on both feet to counteract foot drop. She still has no feeling in the right foot and is not able to move it.She is still on oxycodone, percoset and lyrica for pain. She ordered a PINK wheelchair! It looks like she will need to use the wheelchair at least through the end of the year. She has a long haul ahead of her but she is determined to make the best of it. She has definately kept her sense of humor through all of this. Keep the prayers coming!

Friends have set up a fund to help her with her rent, bills and medical costs until she can go back to work. You can find the information on the fund on Jen Anton Fund page on facebook. Donations can be made to:  Jen Anton Fund c/o Chase Bank 605 North Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60611.


Thanks for all of your prayers, notes, support and kindness. That is what has kept her spirits up through this ordeal!