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On Saturday, May 21st around noon, Jen was involved in an accident. She was hit by a Chicago Public Sanitation truck that jumped the curb going about 50 mph. He hit into a group of a dozen people leaving 8 injured. According to news reports Jen was considered the most critical at the scene. She had just left the park with the baby, Tyler, who she nannies for and was heading to their home. Fortunately, she was able to push the stroller out of the way and protect Tyler from serious injury. She is currently in the ICU at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. 


Heidi Sowl posted a new journal entry.

Jennifer has been working hard during her stay at RIC. She has had therapy for 3-4 hours everyday and they have been impressed with her strength and her determination. She ... Read more

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Jennifer: I've heard the good news about the progress that you're making. Keep it up. You've already come a long way. One day at a time, one step at a time and you'll ... Read more

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Hey Jeni!  Just wanted to remind you that Brett and I keep praying for you and thinking about you during your recovery!  With your strength, love from family and ... Read more

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Wow!  So glad to hear some news.  In the midst of all the pain I hope there is a laugh or two.  We pray your recovery will continue to go well and your pain lessens.  ... Read more

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Jeni, I am one of the many friends your father has through animal rescue. He has been an inspiration in many ways and has told us often what a wonderful young woman you ... Read more

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Sorry I haven't updated for awhile, I haven't had computer access. Jennifer had been to the OR a total of 11 times by the time we left Loyola. She went back yesterday for ... Read more

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Hi Jen, Kathy, Tom & Chris: We've been praying for your successful surgeries and recovery.  Will be in Chicago on the 20th of July for a week and will find out ... Read more

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Hi Jennifer, We continue to think of you and keep you in our prayers.  We know you have been through alot and are amazed at your courage and strength.  Keep your ... Read more

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