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In July, 2010, Jennie began experiencing pains in her side that she assumed to be gall bladder related.  In the last week of September the pain became more intense and constant so she went to get a second opinion from a real doctor.  Her "gall bladder" problem was actually liver cancer which had spread from a cancer in her colon. (At least her medical training was very cheap!)

Lab results would later demonstrate that her liver must be a pretty cool place to hang out if you are a tumor because the whole thing was pretty well ate up with them, the largest the size of a man's fist (9 cm).

We began an immediate chemo cocktail that we affectionately call our "scrubb'n bubbles".  We've tried to get something more along the line of a margarita added to the mix, but so far it's been a pretty firm no go.  Surgery and customary radiation were not options... too much cancer.

We've been through several Scrubb'n Bubble chemo mixes over the last 30 months and substituted a bonus drug, Xeloda, for a while but that drug landed Jennie in the hospital.  We recently rode a great advancement in cancer fighting, Erbitux, until it couldn't go any more and lost its punch.  

Then we tried an experimental radiation treatment called Y-90 where radioactive pellets are injected through a catheter directly into her liver.  The right lobe was "nuked" on May 11, 2012, and we "nuked" the left lobe on June 22nd.  Although we reduced the size of the tumors they survived the nukings. Unfortunately, the right lobe (approximately 70% of her liver) did not.  

Fortunately, the left lobe has enlarged itself to compensate for the death of the right side and her liver function continues to be adequate for survival.

Lacking any better options, we briefly went back to the Erbitux chemo regimen which did some good - slowing, but not able to hold the line against the cancer.  Side effects from prolonged use of Erbitux made it difficult to stay on it as well. 

We tried a newly approved Zaltrap chemo regimen on November 12, 2012, but a single treatment of that and Jennie was back in the hospital with a fistula.  

Lastly, we experimented with the most recently approved cancer roadblock, Stivarga.  The first twenty one day "coarse" didn't go over well and we had to discontinue it after just ten days.  We began a second round at half the recommended dosage in early February.  The Stivarga did hold her cancer growth rate constant, although it remained at a high level.   We took it until March 21, 2013.  At that point it was determined that her liver was in it's last gasps and it was time to go to hospice care.

We spent two days in the hospital to get ahead of her pain level and replenish fluids then on March 27th, I brought my Lovely-Beloved home to await her birth into eternal life.  The hospice folks have been wonderful and we are keeping this beautiful child of God as comfortable as possible.  She never complains and has accepted God's will for her has been to show others how to die.  

We're taking it one day at a time, living life to the fullest, and praying that God releases her from the restrictions of this life soon.   Please join your journey to ours in whatever time each of us is given here on this rock and let's make our way home together.  

Smiles, encouragement, and good jokes are really effective supplemental treatments that you can provide in our guest book section.  We are gratefully accepting every one we get.  Thanks for yours!  Prayers are out of this world - and they have the bonus effect of bringing both you and us to a better place so cut loose for goodness' sake!  

I'm sorry, but the love of my life was freed from the struggles of this world and born into eternal life at 3:55 PM, Saturday, April 27, 2013.  God rest her soul and may she live on in our hearts!


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