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jenna’s Story

On December 16th 2005 our 9 year old daughter, Jenna, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. As you can imagine, our lives have changed dramatically. Our first few months have been rocky to say the least, but our God is great and our faith has not wavered. Please join us on "Jenna's Journey".

ROMANS 12:12

Jenna began having back pain in late October or early November. After a trip to the doctor, high white blood counts WBC's, caused us a trip to CCH. After many more tests, it was "thought" some unnamed virus was the problem, NOT leukemia. We were advised to wait 4-6 weeks and come back. Well, within 1 1/2 weeks the pain was so bad that a CT was ordered. Nothing found. Then another, nothing! Then finally an MRI revealed "something" on her spine. Well, we were immediately admitted to CCH on 12/13/05. On 12/15 they were removing a doughnut shaped tumor that surrounded her spinal cord!! And on 12/16 we were given the diagnosis of (ALL). All the doctors and nurses (unknown to us) thought we had AML, a much tougher form with a tougher prognosis. But through much prayer by many churches and friends, we truly believe God intervened and changed our diagnosis! Our God is an awesome God! Well, chemo began that very night. We've hit a lot of potholes along the way (including a month long stay in the hospital from 1/6 to 2/7 2006). That was fun. We have a serious wound on Jenna's bottom that has plagued us since day one. A blood clot in her arm has caused 2 shots a day since 1/6. We also discovered a heart defect (WPW) along the way! Not a textbook start to our treatment. Having said that, our ALL treatment has gone well. Check out our journal for updates. Our rallying cry is "JENNA'S JOURNEY" and God led us to the new testament passage of Romans 12:12 as our mission statement. Please look it up and be encouraged as we have been. We have had wristbands made up reflecting our "journey" along with some inspirational bible passages that have carried us along the way. They are free to anyone who wants one, please ask! Now come join us and watch God work in Jenna's life!!

Jeff and Gina

Latest Journal Update


hi all.   been way too long.  wanted to let ya know JENNA had a heart procedure done at NCH today for defect we found in 06 (WPW) while on chemotherapy.  it took 8 hours.  in recovery now, should come home friday.  we pray this is one of the final stops on the LONG bumpy road know as JENNA'S JOURNEY!  thank you all for driving the bus.  we covet you and your prayers.