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Jen’s Story

Welcome to Jen Harley's CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Jenny has set up a pay pal account under her email address: that you will be able to donate money right to her. Any donations are appreciated more than you know. If there are any issues, you can email Jen at the above address. Please keep Jen in your prayers.

My name is Jen Harley and I am a 28 year woman who has had a rough year.  Prior to September 2011 I was a happy, athletic, outgoing, hardworking female who had so many hopes and dreams in front of me.  I wanted to have a family and continue to excel at my job at Little Caesars, to be given one of the stores when the owner retired to have and run as my own.  I have been working there for three years and was the owners first district manager for his franchise.  I have a love for animals and at that time I had my main man Dexter my shepard mix my low rider pit Douja and my cat Sophie.  I have been dating my boyfriend who goes by the name Slim for 2.5 years and we were planning our life together of owning a house and trips we would take ect.  Last September I started experiencing a lot of lower abdominal pain and a lot of bleeding.  I had gone to the ER roughly 15 times had tests and scans run on me and finally had a biopsy performed on me where my nightmare came true and I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer.  My family, bosses, friends and boyfriend were more supportive then I could have ever thought possible.  Everyone told me that cervical cancer was the easiest to get cure and to just keep fighting.  Well after 2 surgeries, 4 hospital stays, many sick days, 28 radiation treatments and 20 chemo treatments as well as a 4 day internal radiation treatment where I could not move from the laying down flat position I received news on May 25, 2012 that I was cancer free.  I started working full time again and going back to my old life, fishing, boating, swimming, going to the gym and hanging out with my family...come the begininning of june I started experiencing horrible pain in my lower back, abdomen, hips and quads.  I was told it was probably nerve damage so after seeing a neurologist, a urologist, my oncologist and another 10-15 trips to the er all of which included a MRI, Pelvic MRI, cat scan a kidney stent and another biopsy the dreadful news came back the cancer had come back and spread.  Now I am more then likely going to be treatedin Tampa which means I can not work and will be away from my family and animals.  It is going to be a long road and since I have already received radiation my options are chemo for life or a surgery where they remove my bladder, most of my intestines and many other organs and replace with two bags for me to use when I have to go to the bathroom that i will enter out of the side of my body.  Both of these choices will be life altering and I have insurance that is paying for not even half of the procedures and only like 20 percent of the medications, where one of htem alone is 750.00 a month.   I will keep everyone posted on my progress but it is easier to do on a web page then call so many people frequently.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and wishes so far along this journey.

Latest Journal Update

First day out of hospital in 22 days

Today is my first day out of the hospital in 22 days ( not counting my 2 day break where i went to Moffitt hospital).  It feels wonderful to be home my animals missed me IThe medicines especially the adivan makes me very sleepy but for the most part I feel pretty good.  Like a level 4 of pain which is better then what I have been experiencing.  I have a busy week coming up a lot of trips to Moffitt lots of doctor visits and lots of preparing for this life changing surgery.  I am going to need all the prayers and wishes I can get over the next cople of weeks