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Jeff’s Story

Jeff, Kim, and Tyler appreciate all the support and prayers they have received during this very difficult time.  Jeff had not been feeling well for a few months with back problems, hoarseness, and sinus infection. On Feb 12 he started spitting up blood.  He went to the emergency room at St John Hospital in Tulsa and was given a chest x-ray which the doctors thought indicated pneumonia.  The next day the doctors suggested doing a CT scan which revealed a mass and fluid on the lung.  A broncoscopy was performed that day and a bioposy was taken.  The pulmonologist indicated that there was a large tumor which had a strong possibility of being cancerous.  The results of the biopsy came in on February 19, and the tumor was cancerous.  A PET scan was done on February 22nd which revealed cancer in the bones and in the brain.  An MRI was done on Feb. 25 which showed there were 10 tumors on the brain, so radiation was begun on Feb. 26. Jeff will have 10 radiation treatments and will then begin chemotherapy. This diagnosis has been a shock for the family, and we are still trying to process everything that is happening and all the decisions that have to be made.

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The family will be at Musgrove Merriott Smith Funeral Home this evening from 6:00-7:00. Viewing will continue until 8:00. mmsfuneral@sbcglobal.net