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Home Again

Happy at home! YAY!! The doctors are baffled as to how a clot stretched almost 12 inches up my femoral artery just disappeared. I'm not. It's the power of prayer and the work of our Lord. I have shared my testimonials to anyone who would listen so I hope that even though this will be a long will read it all. Mom and I toasted with oatmeal cookies Thursday night when we received the great news.

I have been battling pain and swelling in my left leg for a couple months now. It continued to get worse to the point that I couldn't walk very far and had to be pushed in a wheelchair. I thought I could make it until my appointment with the Pain Clinic, but that didn't happen. I was admitted to Baptist with a diagnosis of Lymphedema, Cellulitis and a few days later a clot that stretch from my knee almost to my hip. It was something the doctors had never seen. Clots are supposed to be round...not 12 inches long. I had spasms on and off along with redness, swelling and an unbearable pain. Thursday morning my body began to shake. Not just my left leg- my entire body. The doc was called in and he and the nurse worked diligently to find some kind of medicine to help me. I don't remember a lot of it but to hear others that witnessed it, they said it was as though something had taken over my body....almost like the movie Poltergeist. Finally after so many narcotics, including IV morphine, they gave me a shot of Dilaudid (sp) and then a Valum (sp). About two hours later the doctor decided to order another ultrasound of my leg. So on a stretcher, here I go to see if the blood thinning medicine they were giving me had helped to open the flow. The gentleman that did the ultrasound apologized so many times as he ran it over and over in the same area where this huge clot was. Finally, he looked at me and said "I am not supposed to tell you what I've found but I just feel I owe you an explanation after putting you through so much pain over and over. I can't find the clot." Wow, was I hallucinating? Am I hearing him right? Am I so high on pain medicine that it's all just a dream? As they wheel me back to my hospital bed, I just had to tell mom what I thought I heard. Our spirits were high but we wanted confirmation before we shared the wonderful news. Sure enough Thursday afternoon the doctor confirms that several of the team members went back to view the original ultrasound to make sure that they had found a clot. Yep it was there sure enough on the first ultrasound, plain as day and as my nurse said it "amazingly" disappeared. I told her it's more than amazing, it's a miracle. Did the holy spirit come into my body that morning when I was shaking all over and heal me? Was this yet another miracle from God? The doctors continue to be baffled and are trying to find an explanation. I just smile at them and know there will never be a scientific, medical answer as to how the heck a 12 inch clot just disappeared. Thank you for the prayers and praise God for once more carrying me when I could no longer walk. All my love - Jeannie
— feeling blessed.