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Last surgery done! JD's home!

Great news!  JD is home after the 4-hour crainioplasty and hospital stay in which they inserted a titanium skull on the right side of his head (where he didn't have one!).   He is a bit swollen and very tired, of course, but overall he's doing great!  He's on a lot of antibiotics and we're keeping everything as sterile as possible around here for the next few weeks to reduce the possibility of infection - which is apparently Fear #1 in these cases.

Have to tell you one anecdote:  Before  the surgery, about 12 different nurses, doctors, and specialists visited us in the prep room to go over their part in the procedure.  I noticed one come in, look at JD, look at her chart, and leave.   She eventually came back, introduced herself as the Anesthesiologist, and said, "I went over his chart and details of his injury this morning, but when i walked into his room, I couldn't believe that this could be the same person who had these injuries, so I had to go back and check!"   

YES, they are all saying that this recovery is nothing short of amazing... physically and cognitively.

JD's attitude is great.  He looks good.   The surgeon will see him again on May 8th BUT says JD will feel like "crap" for these next few weeks.   Will let you know when he's OK to have visitors!

Just wanted to thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers and donations.  No idea what this last surgery will add to the bill, but it was certainly worth it to see JD "whole" again!  You'll be amazed!