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High Risk ALL the good and the bad!

I know it has been a while since I have updated this page. We have had many ups and downs. To begin we completed the induction phase. This means no more steroids for now. Jayden bounced back to himself and we couldn't be happier (he would not talk to anyone when he was on them). He is playing with his brother and sister again and constantly joking around. His stomach pains have subsided and he is feeling much better. Yay for that! We had our end if induction meeting with the oncologist and things weren't as we had hoped and planned. On a good note, the chemo is not traceable in his bone marrow, which means REMISSION! But due to the amount he had on day 8 of treatment and because his back tumors are not shrinking as fast as they would like, he was placed on high risk treatment. This means more intense chemotherapy for the next 6 months. We will have some inpatient treatments as well. His total treatment remains at 3 years. Please continue to send hope and healing energy to my little hero. He has a long journey, but his strength and courage will keep Jim fighting to kick cancer in the butt.