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  • Long road ahead

    Written Jun 15, 2012 3:00pm

    So for those of you who don't know jaydens bone marrow transplant was unsuccessful. He is having t cell transfusions to Try and bridge him to the next transplant which isn't for a year. There is only a 10-15% chance of this working. He had his first transfusion of three on the 7th and will have the second on 29th. Please keep him in ur prayers!

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  • Bittersweet kind of day....

    Written Jan 28, 2012 9:31pm

    So today was bittersweet. We got to see Carson and mamaw and pap sp that was awesome! You can't imagine how hard the separation is for me. I have never went more than a day without seeing him. I only wish they would allow visitation more than twice a week or that there was a hospital closer to home we could get treatment at.
    So as for the bitter part.... Jayden is all done with the first chemo drug called Busulfan that he got two hour infusions of four times a day. He is now getting a once a day two hour infusion of a much stronger chemo called cytoxan. Today his belly aches proved to be just what we feared, he started vomiting. Hoping we got it under control with the meds as he actually ate a late dinner where he previously today really wouldn't eat. Also he seemed very drained today which I am hoping was just because he didn't nap with all the anticipation of his little brother coming to visit. He has also developed congestion and a cough that now has us confined to the room (big time booooo) we are pretty sure it's the heapa filtration system that is causing it, but on a floor full of immunocompromised kids you can't be too safe. I hope and pray for a better tomorrow for him. Daddy has to go back home got work tomorrow night as well which is sure to put a damper on his spirits, but is a necessary evil since I am not working.
    As for baby Noah and myself, I am completely miserable. He is huge and makes me constantly uncomfortable lol. I don't wanna rush things but I sure can't wait to get him on the outside of me so I don't feel so helpless.id love to see my feet again lol.
    Carson is my little trooper, he adapts n whatever situation he is placed into,and I am certain that God has huge plans for that personality trait someday! He has such a big heart. As Jayden stood puking his guts out today, Carson stood right beside him worried for his big brother and wanting to know when his boo boo would be fixed so he could come back home.
    Tim continues to be my rock, and takes better care of me than any one person deserves. God truly blessed me the day he joined our fates. I love him so completely.
    Thank you to all who are praying and please keep it up!!

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  • We have a donor!!!!!

    Written Jan 14, 2012 7:54am

    We found out yesterday that we have secured a donor! I've known for about a week that there was a possibility that we had one but there were a few things we still didn't know. The donor is a female and if she had been pregnant recently then she couldn't donate to him since he is a boy. Also if her blood type was radically different from Jaydens they would have actually have had to change Jaydens blood type ( who knew that was even possible?) BUT, she has never been pregnant and has the exact same blood type as Jayden AND is a perfect HLA 8/8 match to jayden! It's like she was born just to be his match! We could not be happier to hear this news. We are still fighting an uphill battle, but this proves trusting in God to provide is the only way through this.

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