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By Dylan — Feb 12, 2014 10:39pm
I wanted to send my best wishes to Jason's friends and family.  I only just today learned of Jason's passing, about 18 months after it happened.  I came across the news while reading a Wikipedia entry on Rodan.

I first learned of Jason when I bought "Rusty" on a whim after reading a promising description in a fold-out Touch & Go catalog.  I was either 14 or 15.  The music was transcendent; there were few records that affected me more in my teenage years.  I stuck with Jason's career through Rachel's and the Shipping News.  I got great satisfaction listening to the various iterations of his work, and it was a tangential influence on some of my own music.

Although I now live in California, I grew up in Bethesda and used to walk through the NIH campus every day when I'd take the subway to high school.  (This was pre-9/11, when the campus was open to the public.)  I had a rather visceral reaction imaging Jason passing away there.  My own grandfather died in the clinic, and so I could really picture the setting.  I applaud Jason for taking part in that study; I know the science behind it remains promising, and I'm just sorry it wasn't yet refined to the point where it could save his life.

My best wishes to all of you.  I'm sorry I wasn't aware of the news earlier, but I'm glad you've offered this guestbook so that people can offer their memories.