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By — Apr 7, 2013 5:36pm
Your birthday has come and
gone in the year of your passing, you were not here to share it with us, but
you were in out hearts.

Your shoes sit beside my
desk… each time I look at them I cry a silent tear, and sometimes a not so
silent tear, I miss you so much.

Noting in my life has ever
hurt me as much, nothing has even come close to this.

For three years I have no
doubt you suffered a thousand deaths while dealing with the pain, stress and
mental anguish of the wondering and knowing of your numbered days.

I used to wonder if it were
better to have the knowledge that you were dying, if it were better to never
know and have your life pass suddenly. The answer to me is now very clear, the
price one has to pay for the privilege of knowing that your time here is short
is one that comes at a very high cost, and I am uncertain if it is a price I
can pay when my time is at hand.

Now it’s my turn, I die a
little inside every time I think of you.

There is nothing I wouldn’t
give to be able to put my arms around you one last time and tell you I love

Love Dad