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Hello to all that are still following Jason. I know it's has been sometime  since  I have written in this journal, Not sure if you all realized that today marks 1 year of Jason horrific accident, the day our  family was torn apart.  I can't believe what we all have been through this past year, it is so difficult to look back and think where we were 1 year ago.  I thank God and of of You out there who prayed for Jason and our family, and that continue to support us. Without our faith, family and friends  I do not know were we would be. Don't get me wrong there are still days we struggle and try to make sense of all of this.  Jason has come a long way, back at the end of June Jason participated in his 1st come back contest, in Wildwood, N.J. He was determined to fly and I think prove to himself, that he could still compete.  It was the one of the most hardest things we watched, He flew his 1st flight, and then his second,  and he was wiped out, he still has problems standing and sitting,  walking etc.  Thank god for one of his friends that had a blow up mattress, and that is were he was. Laying down and  knowing he had one more flight, possible that same day, Jason almost pulled himself  out. Knowing his limits,  He ended 2nd after his 1st flight and 1st after his 2nd flight and after his 3rd flight the next day, he ended up in 2nd place. Jason worked so hard to get what he has gotten back. We are so proud of him.  Joe and Jason have just gotten back from Oshkosh were they flew for the 1st time on a airliner, Jason knowing he would have never made it flying himself like he had done many times before. AirVenture asked Jason to come and  speak to many others about his ordeal, Jason knowing his flying abilities and God had saved his life. In two week at South Jersey Regional Airport in Medford, Jason will fly again, in another contest, if all is well and he is feeling strong. and At the end of the month at New Garden airport in PA his return to the airshow  cir. If you would like to follow him and read all the articles that have been written follow him at Well with out me getting all choked up again, I would like to thank Steve the fireman for his text today and letting me know that Jason and our family is still with him and his group of men, He said it all that We are truly blessed, and he is so right.  Things may never be the same again and I am working on dealing with this and I know it is going to take a long time, but having my family is everything to me. If I could lessen the burden for Jason I would take it in a heart beat. I love him and all my child so very much. Who said parenting was a breeze.  Love to all The Floods