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April 8th, 2012

Happy Easter to all ! Give Glory to God for he is our savory. What a road we have traveled. It has been 8 months since that life changing day for Jason and his family. God has been there every step of the way, Today we will pray as a family in the house of the Lord, and thank him as we have day after day, and will continue to until the end of  our eternity. Jason has made great strides in his walking, though it does take it's toll on him.  He is still in therapy, he has been on his bike a little trying to get back his balance and leg strength.  Jason is off all medication for his heart and done with coumadin and taking his INR. Jason has just returned home from a trip to Florida, Yes that is right he went to Lakeland , Florida Sun'n  Fun  flyin for a week. A lot of his flying friend and buddies were going and I thank all that  looked after him.  It was a very uneasy week for me,but I think he need to do it. Last I spoke to you all, Jason was looking to meet the police officers that helped him that terrible day, Well he was able to made contact and met all of them, what great men.  He learned a lot more about what had happen that day after the plane went down, this is something that Jason is trying to piece together. Still has yet to meet the copter crew.  Well this too will happen, Jason will follow through and meet those people also.  Well it's time for church. Love to all Happy Easter from the Flood Family XOXOXO