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update dec.24,2011

Hello everyone! I bet you though I forgot about you: No that is not the case, things here have been up and down. ( Kinda like flying)  Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving, I know ours was very thankful and very emotional one this year. Joe had a very beautiful thankful prayer at dinner. Jason is doing wonderful, he is done his home therapy and now is at a rehab. Doing  aquatic therapy and other things.  He is driving himself there, The first time he went he came home a little different, but I think he  felt the freedom of doing things on his own. Jason is still using a walker to get around, he is dressing himself and  doing much of his own thing.  Joe and Joseph had flown him in the Piper Cub a few times, Jason getting the itch to do it himself, and guess what that is what he did. He flew the cub to a fly in, in Maryland, the beginning of Dec. Joe flying right next to him in the Stearman bi-plane, with his heart in his throat.  What a great day they had. At this time Joe and I would like to thank you all for all  for the love and support you have given our family during this most difficult time in our lives. We wish each and everyone a very  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love the Flood Family.

ps we will try to post some pictures of Jason's  accomplishments in the next couple of days. and try to keep you up on his progress.