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update Nov. 11th

Hello everyone, I have a little time to let you know what has been happening in the flood house. Jason is doing wonderful, he has been up and walking with a walker, up and down the driveway, he has walked around the inside of the house with the walker and yesterday the therapist had him up the stairs, yes that's right up the stairs, it took him some time, but Jason got there, after he was up they sat a while and Jason got his sea legs back together, then they came back down, Jason was proud of himself, as he should be. This is big, next he said it will be the showers, and guess what, today, OT was here and off to the shower it was, Jason went back up the stairs, and got in the shower, using a shower chair but he was in, alot of ooing and aahing was heard from the bathroom. Also this past week Jason got in and out of his father's truck, used the wheelchair, pulled up next to it, stood with the walker and sat and  then swung his legs in. They went to where else the airport I believe Wed, when it was really nice out,of course I'm working, and feeling very tired, but it feels good to be back at work. I love what I do and love the people I work with. Well next week we need to get some x-rays of this legs and femur again and then the following week we have the ortho, Dr. Ostrum, hopefully  will let Jason bare weight on his entire left foot, we will wait and see.  Well I gues that is all for now, Hope all is well with everyone else.  Take care Love the Floods  xoxox