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Update Oct 29th

Hello all ! Sorry it's been so long since I have signed on, things here have been crazy. well let's go back a couple of days, Monday the 24 th Magee called and said they have room for Jason, I asked him if Tuesday would be fine to go in but he was having some friends from out of state coming in for a visit and we still need to get some testing done for Neuo, we have an appointment 11/1 and have to have another cat scan and x-ray. So we set the admission for Wednesday the 26 th. I asked Jason and he agreed. So we were all on the same page. Tuesday came and Jason had a great visit with Wes and Bill. I did some packing for him, clothes that he could move in while having therapy. Wednesday came and we went for the testing we needed done and then Joe tried to go to work for some of the day and Jason rested. Check in was to be at 3pm.
We loaded everything in to the van included Jason, nervous as all , it was a quiet trip. We pulled up and was to stay in the van and they would come and get us, that never happen, so we unloaded Jason and went
into the lobby and still no one to help us, the man behind the desk told
up to go up to the 5th floor, then a woman came out and tried to help us
and took us up to the floor, she took up to his room, which from this point
on was unbelievable,,upsetting and just out of control. let's leave at that. Jason was just not going to stay and if we left him he was going to
signed himself out and take a cab somewhere,It was over 5 hrs and
things were still not right and we just had had enough, so we packed
Jason up and brought him home. I was crying knowing that the best
place for Jason was not an answer to us any more. Jason was relieved to be home as was Joe, I myself was on the fence, knowing I did not like the things that had happen while we were there, and now Jason having cut his chances to get the best care he needed. We all went to bed and in the morning we would have to make lots of calls, but do you know Magee never called us, they must know that what had happen just was not right Now it is Thursday, my 1st day back to work and I am in total knots, not knowing what is going to happen today, Joe was home again, not a good thing, he hasn't worked a full day in a long time. I made all the calls I could, set back up his home care again, until we can figure this out. Off to work,and then back home during my dinner break to cath him,then back to work until 9 pm or so. Then back to work normal on Friday, This day was going to be busy, work, then my nieces wedding, Jason wants to try and go, We went to the church,stopped back home dressed him and headed off to the reception, Jason did very well, I think he enjoyed himself, we did have to leave before the cutting of the cake, Jason was tired of sitting and his boney butt was hurting, so Joe and I packed up and left the kids stayed overnight. Today was a rest day, and hope to put something in place next week. Please pray that things go well, this next week love to all Janet & Joe xoxox