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Update Oct 23 rd

Hello ! How are we all doing ? Jason has had some good strides during his OT and PT this past week. He took two steps up and another two steps back. He sat on the edge of his bed with his feet down on the floor, had some discomfort, but not a lot of pain, during his 1st session he let me try and put both sneakers on, (which I got on with a little struggle ) and he sat on the edge of the bed, then transferred into the chair which sits along side of the bed, he sat there did some upper exercises with some weights and bands, OT was happy with his work, she will be back on Monday, he stayed in the chair for lunch, then he asked me to take the sneakers off,and he got back in bed. Yesterday Jason was in a good mood, was happy and bright, uncle Fran came over and visited a little while with him, we spoke about the up coming wedding and whether or not Jason would be going, Jason said he would love to go but not sure if he will make it, we also took a trip to the mall, Joseph, Joe and Jeffrey are all in need of suits, Jason was up for the chore, he last almost two hrs,but we never made it to dinner, it got him, he needed to lay down, he head started to hurt. I made pasta when we got home, gave him his pain meds and then he felt a little better. Today was also a good day his friend Dave a flying buddy came over and visited, he also made Jason get in the wheelchair and wheel himself down to the local deli and order lunch and then wheel himself back, I told Dave the job is open . They had lunch together and then Dave flew back to Hammonton. Well that's all for now. Try to sign on tonight. love to all Janet & Joe xoxo