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  • Update Oct 5th

    Written Oct 5, 2011 8:08pm

    Hello, today was a quiet day, what I mean by that is that Jason did not need to go to any doctors today, but he had his nurse here today she had to take blood for his procedure next week his removal of his filter. He was not a happy camper. He had a flying buddy come over and he brought lunch for Jason. (thanks that was nice). Tomorrow Jason is scheduled to have an U/S of his kidney and x-rays of his right femor and his lumbar spine, for next weeks appointment for ortho and neuro. hope all goes well tomorrow. Going to take sometime and sit and try to straighten out some bills. Good night for now Janet & Joe xoxox
  • update Oct. 4th

    Written Oct 4, 2011 9:40pm

    Hello again,  Today was a busy day, Jason's aid came this am and gave his a wash, and before i knew it it was time to get ready for his urology appointment in Marlton, Jason was scheduled for a urinary pressure test of some kind, don't really understand it but , he had to void  with a cath in the office, then some electros were placed on his thighs. then fluid was placed back into his bladder measuring the pressure, thank God his pressures were normal.  This shows that his bladder is  okay but still in shock from the accident and may take some time to correct itself, but it will without using different kinds of procdures. After his visit we went to the SJ airport to drop off some of Jason's T-shirts for sale, so if any one would like one you can go to the SJ airport or contact the Floods and we can help you out, The money selling the shirts will go to Jason. This shirts are really nice. We will also try and put some up at Crosswinds at Cross Keys airport. Jason wanted to have lunch there so we did and Keith and another friend joined us. We had a PT appointment at 3:30pm so we headed home after a late lunch and Jason met his therapist as he with unload the van, they spent about 1/2 hr going over some stretches and leg lifts,  Jason had asked for some pain meds, because now he had been in his chair since about 11:30am.and now if is after 4pm.  After therapy Jason rested, quiet night too no visitors. Well it late and I'm still not feeling the best, so I'm going to turn in now.  Talk tomorrow.  Love ya, Thanks God and everyone for your prayers, Good news from urology.  Time is what he needs, and to start to walk. Goodnight Love Janet & Joe  xoxox

  • Update Oct 3 rd

    Written Oct 3, 2011 10:48pm

    Sorry guys about last night, I did not put in an update , I did not feel well last night, and again tonight, I guess it's all stress, having some reflux. Not sure I just I'm going to have to made a doctors appointment, bp was good on me. Jason was oaky today, tired he slept a lot today, the nurse came the afternoon we had to wake him, then he went back to sleep until back 2:30pm then he was up for lunch, I did lots of paper work and calling doctors. He had some visitors tonight, one visitor Jessica was an old neighbor, who painted a picture on canvas of Jason's red,white and blue Pitts, what a beautiful painting. also a classmate stopped over, Liz, I believe they had a nice visit. Well that about all that happen today, I need to get to bed, I'm exhausted. Tomorrow brings more doctor visits, urology is tomorrow, pray testing goes well. Good Night Love Janet & Joe xoxox

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