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  • Feb 5 th 2012

    Written Feb 5, 2012 11:56am

    Hello: Just a little up date, well we have made the 6 months point. Who would have believe we would be where we are in 6 months. Jason is doing better and better, he is still in therapy and is walking on his own, still needs help now and then, he gets tired fast. Two weeks ago Jason was asked by the Scullville Fire department to be an honored guest and to present awards to the men who had helped Jason . What a wonderful night, those men deserve to be rewarded, along with all who were there that day, Jason would love nothing more then to know the name of the police officer that held his hand and to meet him and all that were there that day. He has tried to meet the team that was on South Star, but has yet to do so. In time he will meet you all . Well I will sign off.  Until next time. Love to all Janet & Joe XoXo
  • update dec.24,2011

    Written Dec 24, 2011 9:49am

    Hello everyone! I bet you though I forgot about you: No that is not the case, things here have been up and down. ( Kinda like flying)  Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving, I know ours was very thankful and very emotional one this year. Joe had a very beautiful thankful prayer at dinner. Jason is doing wonderful, he is done his home therapy and now is at a rehab. Doing  aquatic therapy and other things.  He is driving himself there, The first time he went he came home a little different, but I think he  felt the freedom of doing things on his own. Jason is still using a walker to get around, he is dressing himself and  doing much of his own thing.  Joe and Joseph had flown him in the Piper Cub a few times, Jason getting the itch to do it himself, and guess what that is what he did. He flew the cub to a fly in, in Maryland, the beginning of Dec. Joe flying right next to him in the Stearman bi-plane, with his heart in his throat.  What a great day they had. At this time Joe and I would like to thank you all for all  for the love and support you have given our family during this most difficult time in our lives. We wish each and everyone a very  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love the Flood Family.

    ps we will try to post some pictures of Jason's  accomplishments in the next couple of days. and try to keep you up on his progress.
  • update Nov. 20 th

    Written Nov 20, 2011 9:08pm

    Hello everyone ! sorry i haven't been on the computer, but Jason was back in the hospital for the past 3 days. He had another uti and thing just got worse, spoke to doctors had a cat scan done of his kidney and it revealed that it was enlarged and possible blockage. Last wednesday night he had a bad night temp, vomiting, so off to the ER at Cooper we went, and they kept him, He is home tonight, doing much better, IV antibiotics work fast.
    As for the rest of us,Jenny is having a difficult time, not sure what is going on , she just won't open up, I think she sees me having a hard time and she just don't want to bring me one more problems , i just don't know. Joseph who know what he is doing but working, doesn't share a lot with me. He is a great help with yard work, blowing the leaves and feeding the dog, putting the trash out those kind of things, Joe well he is just on my last nerve. Jeffrey is very busy, he just had his fall show for Lindenwold,  Jenny and I went on Saturday night. It was very good, it wasn't a musical, but still very good.  It still funny to her everyone call him Mr. Flood.  Well I am wiped work tomorrow. Love to all Janet xoxox

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