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Update for 6/15/14

I'm sorry I've been so bad about updating my journalist and letting everyone know how things go are going.
I spent most of yesterday and last night in the hospital with a fever. The Dr had told me if I spike a fever I need to get myself into the hospital. I called Aaron with a terrible headache and he came home. Took my temp and then took me to the hospital with 102 temp. That doesn't sound like a lot but when you have cancer it really is.
They put me on an antibiotic and I spent today in bed also trying to recover. I had a CT scan for my headache because of suspicion of meningitis which is the last thing I need. Anyway, I'm thankful that wasn't in the mix. Just the bronchitis.
Slept most of the day trying to get well. Love to all and thank you for your ongoing prayers. Jan
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Shari Beisenherz
Hi Jan, continued prayers, I will call you so I can come see you! or reals.
Mary Villa
Prayers for healing.
Sending much love - m
Janice Smith
By Janice Smith
Love to you and prayers for your return to strength and health.
I appreciate the update.