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Yesterday was chemo day again. My second time with the new chemo. We went over the CT scan with the Dr and can see that there are more small tumors in the lungs that are getting a bit larger. Also the Venacava artery behind my heart has a couple tumors that are hampering blood flow and causing blackouts. The tumors are starting to grow outside the arteries. Hopefully the chemo will work by shrinking the tumors and making me feel better. At this point, I'm just very tired. All energy has been replaced by the need to sleep. I am very thankful that I have not been sick from the chemo but did have a port put in my right side of my chest on Friday. Certainly made everything much easier. No more bruises and needle pokes. Everything will go in and out from this port. We had a wonderful dinner with my sister last night and the rest of my siblings and their families. Met my nieces soon to be husband also. What a great guy. They look so much a like. Fun...The tumor that was removed from my right abdomen is getting larger again and the leg is swelling so the tumor obviously blocking the blood flow again from my leg. In need of prayer. Please Keep me in your thoughts. Thankyou and blessing to each of you love Jan
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Shari Beisenherz
By Shari Beisenherz
Back to you, prayers are continued, I am in Salem while Kristi in hospital. We do need to get together when you have some time and I do!!! Prayers are fervent to our shared savior, In Christ!
Shari Beisenherz
Jan, reading your post about getting the IV port. Be careful, very very careful! Kristi in the hospital from an infection that developed in the IV port. I am not sure why, I assume everyone who does the accessing and changing out is careful. They are looking at finding one that is supposed ti be impregnated with something that will keep infections less likely. Also I understand the are also caps that has antibacterial product in the cap. We are looking for those also.
Becki Sylvester
By Becki
Thoughts, love and lots of prayers coming your way friend. Love you bunches.