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Sorry for the delay

I'm sorry I've not been good over the art few wks about staying on top of this with updated entries. It has been my fault. I entered 3 updates and once I finished, I hit the wrong button and erased everything I had just finished. With the frustration that goes with 3X of that, I gave up.
I'm such a good... Lol
I went to the hospital this morning at 6:00am and had a port put in for my future chemo which starts again on the 20th. From the port they can draw blood, give medications, chemo, and if I need to have a CT Scan, they can use that also to put in the contrast. (stuff that makes you glow in the dark)... Lol
I'm resting after my procedure from this morning. It seems like almost daily I hear about a new cancer case with a friend. That's really hard to get myself around mentally. So for each of you, and you know who you are, please know I am praying for you, just as you have for me all these months. Jesus cannot get here fast enough to suit me and for this to all stop.
In case you missed Kobe radio this morning, you might want to so to their search bar and type in cancer cure. They have cured 2 women by killing the cancer cells in their bodies by using the measles vaccine.
Also, they are using Iron oxide, magnetizing it at injecting it into the tumor. It attaches to the cancer cells and kills them without doing harm to the good cells. Interesting. Sounds like progress in a cure.
Love to each of you and thankyou for your continued prayers