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Good Evening

Morning visit with my friend Carol this morning was great. Probably because she couldn't get a word in. I guess I had so much to tell her. All unimportant. Lol
I have had a lot of excessive tiredness since my first chemo stage 2. I've only been good for about half the day then totally exhausted. My nephew who prayed for me over thanksgiving and the swelling in my legs went away has called me couple times recently. He called me this evening to pray for me. And a couple days ago he called and asked if he could pray for me. This young man has an amazing gift. His prayers heal. Since his call, my tiredness is much less, and I'm feeling much better. From his lips to God's ears... Love his calls.
I am scheduled for a port placement next Friday am and then chemo again on the 20th. No more needle sticks. They can do everything from the port which will be great. Blood draws, medication, etc.
My Dr ordered a new state of the art Cpap machine for me. My old one was noisy and I had to quit using it. So wasn't sufficient. This new one is completely silent and I sleep so good. Awesome. No waking up at night Yay.
Happy Mothers Day to each of you mom's out there.