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Good morning everyone

Early morning wakeup chat from my friend Carol in Michigan. Fun way to start the morning.
The dogs have already greeted me this morning. I'm not feeling so tired so far . from the chemo this morning, I think it's going to be a good day.
My son just left for a few days to the Redwoods with his college class on field trip. Should be a fun trip camping out.
I did fine with my last round of the new chemo meds. They said since its is less toxic, my hair may thin a little but not fall out entirely. It's just hair but still....
The oxygen is helping a great deal. Seems like things are healing up after my fall since I'm on it. Won't or shouldn't start feeling side affects till the third treatment of it. It is called Doxil.. I only mention the name because sometimes people like to look it up to see what it does.
Hope this note finds you all well. Love to each of you.. Thankyou for your ongoing prayers
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Becki Sylvester
By Becki
Good Morning Jan, so glad the treatment well and you did good with the new meds. Also very happy that you are healing nicely from your fall. As far as the hair, it is only hair and you do rock your wigs very well!! Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything at all. Keeping you in my prayers. xoxo, Becki
KC Caldwell
(( hugs )) Enjoy the beautiful sunshine this week! :-)