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Dr appt

I have an appt with the Dr this morning to probably start chemo again. Have been talking with my husband about side effects, how strong the chemo is that they will use and at what point a person knows or decides they have had enough. I'm not near there yet. My quality of life is good and God continues to bless me everyday. Although I got tangled in my oxygen tubing last night and fell again. I didn't hurt anything but my pride (thank goodness for soft carpet) but I know things are progressing and at some point I will make a decision but not now.
Prayers would be most welcome that I will tolerate the chemo as well as I did before. No sickness or mouth sores in the past. A couple days of migraine headache only once so I was very blessed.
Still recovering from my hard fall but am much better since my hospital stay over the weekend. I thank God for that as well.
So excited, my niece just turned 16 and my sister is having a party for her tonight. I get to dress up a little and play the favorite Aunt role... Lol I'll make her something special today, wrap it up beautiful so she'll think it's valuable. Lol. I'm such a goof. Happy to be here, alive and walking with my Lord
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Janice Smith
By Jan Smith
Jan, you and your heart for life and for the Lord are amazing and encouraging. Love to you, and prayers on your behalf continuing. Enjoy that party!
Ray Straub
By Ray Straub
It seems that nothing can stop you from being Jan--Thank you and thank God!
Paula Mann
By Paula Mann
Continuing to lift you up in prayer, Jan! I love your spunk and I love you!
Becki Sylvester
By Becki
Sending prayers your way Jan along with lots of love and hugs too.