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In the hospital

Passed out at home as a result of my fall on Sunday. Wasnt seen by a Dr just cause I not smart that way sometimes. Called Aaron, he took me to the clinic where I passed out big. They thought I was either having a stroke or a seizure. It wastes actually more of not getting any oxygen. Had a CT scan of my chest where it looks like the spots on my lungs are not bloodclots but rather from the cancer that seems to be growing in very small amounts but still growing. This seems to be putting pressure on my heart which may now be pumping against some blockage which would be the small tumors in my lungs if I understand that right. I've been admitted for the night for testing on my heart etc. The admitting Dr. That was in my room was a crack up. They have a pink form like an advance directive that they use that goes with you and the EMT's are trained to look for it on your frig. He sees me if I'm not breathing, have no pulse, heart not beating etc. Did I want them to try to resuscitate me. I laughed and told him No, why would anyone want to die more than once. If I'm gone let me stay that way. .... Heeeeheeee. I know, sick joke but I needed a little humor in all this. (God knows the number of my days. He will make the calls) It's 2:20am, and we all know what it's like to try to get decent sleep in the hospital but I guess I better try. That is my excitement for today and hopefully I can report good stuff moving forward. I do know that my Dr here will be contacting my Dr at OHSU and discussing a different type of chemo to start me on. I haven't been on any since Dec. The next one is not suppose to be a heart damager and hopefully will shrink the tumors in my lungs which is the goal. Special love to each of you and your continued prayers for me. Thankyou
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Becki Sylvester
By Becki — last edited
Oh my goodness Jan. I'm sorry to hear this latest chapter in your battle and so sorry about your fall. No wonder you were on my mind all weekend. Please know you are in my prayers and do let me know if there is anything I can do. Do we need to fire up the meal train again? Love and peace to you friend. Becki
Shari Beisenherz
By Shari Beisenherz
My goodness girlfriend! Are ya still there, I better call ya tomorrow!
Della Guise
By Della & George
Jan ~ We stay with you in spirit and in prayer. Please know we love you. Della and George