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My Story

For my Family, I love you beyond words,.

To my children, I love you with all my heart

For my friends. Youve brought me so much joy, laughter, support, and love.

And to my amazing husband Aaron, you are my hero.

No pain, nothing out of the ordinary until a couple wks ago, my right leg swelled up. Almost double the size of my left leg. I went to the Dr who was very concerned about my having a blood clot in my leg. They did 2 ultrasounds to confirm they found nothing... Nothing X 2 is still nothing right? Uh, no. Not in my case anyway. Lol I could always make something out of nothing... (l crack myself up sometimes)

I asked the Dr about a place in my lower abdomen the I had decided was just scar tissue. They did a ct scan and Voi la. There it was. A sarcoma making its way so proudly through my stomach muscles. A sarcoma is rare. Very rare. 1-2 people per million will have to deal with a sarcoma and usually on the arms or legs.

Lucky me. In my abdomen, pressing on the veins in my leg preventing the blood from flowing back out.

After the biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, I began to understand that once aggravated these things know what pain is and are going to show you. But alas, take heart, Dr's can take care of that too.

We will leave for Portland in a couple hours to OHSU. My journey beginning...
A website has been established to help Jan and Aaron with their ever mounting medical bills. www.giveforward.com thank you for your consideration.


Jan Tani posted a new journal entry, "Sorry for the delay".

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Morning visit with my friend Carol this morning was great. Probably because she couldn't get a word in. I guess I had so much to tell her. All unimportant. LolI have had a ... Read more

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Passed out at home as a result of my fall on Sunday. Wasnt seen by a Dr just cause I not smart that way sometimes. Called Aaron, he took me to the clinic where I passed ... Read more

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Took a bad fall on Sunday and have been resting since then to give moody some recovery time before going to the Dr. Called them today when I barely made it back into the ... Read more

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Ray Straub signed Jan's Guestbook.

Jan,Following your posts confirms why I've always regarded you to be extraordinary: cute, vivacious, funny, loyal, loving and smart! I admire your buoyant spirit through ... Read more

Jan Tani posted a new journal entry, "Good morning all".

Progress in the making. Strangest thing having Charlie horses in your legs, feet and muscles in your back all at the same time. Not fun, but then a new area came to play. ... Read more

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