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  • Written Aug 2, 2013 11:39pm by Nancy Gregory

    Dear friends, we cannot thank you enough for all the love and support during Janet's hospitalization and now, that we are home.  This will be my last entry on Caringbridge - your support, in so many ways, has carried us. It helps to know that many friends are praying,hoping, crying and celebrating with us.
    Janet had a wonderful experience today at OSU ; she went swimming! One of the physical therapists seems to love the water and offered to take Janet into the therapy pool.  The warm water washed over our girl as she floated, did the "chicken ,airplane, pull"stroke, and even learned turns. I stood in awe- then realized I was supposed to be in the water learning too! Janet did all the work and enjoyed herself thoroughly.
    Tomorrow (Sat.) is the benefit golf scramble organized by Lamb of God Lutheran Church. We will pray for sunshine but know that it will be a blessing of a day no matter what the weather.Such an outpouring for our family! We look forward to seeing some old friends and sharing a great day.
    Please, continue to pray for our sweet girl as she works in therapy, starts her senior year of high school, and continues to adjust to her new life. Such an uncertain future ahead of her- we just don't know where this new journey will lead but we know for Janet, surrounded in love, it will be amazing and bright.

  • Written Jul 27, 2013 8:42pm by Nancy Gregory

    6 Months
    Yesterday, July 26th, was six months since Janet's sledding accident.  It is hard to believe that half of the year has passed us by but I guess that happens when one is distracted.  We have thanked God daily for the miracles we have seen in Janet's life.  It is not hard to think back to those long days and nights soon after we arrived at Children's Hospital and life seemed so very fragile. Today we still worry about her and are ever vigilant to her needs but can almost rest that the "life in the balance" days are a thing of the past.  We still do not know what the future will hold for Janet's health- so many complications from a spinal cord injury that may still present themselves.
     Each day we carry on and adjust to a new life here at home in Granville.  Some days are easier than others but always we have hope. Hope for improved function and movement for Janet's body, hope for strength to do what is necessary each day, and hope for a new medical treatment or cure for spinal cord injuries.  Thank you to all for the continued well wishes and  prayers for our whole family.

  • Written Jul 22, 2013 4:11pm by Nancy Gregory

    Today was a day of trials, tears (mostly on my part- not Janet's), frustration and, in the end, blessings. We experienced an accumulation of mechanical failures. Excuse me while I vent: the kneel part of the van is broken, the outdoor lift refuses to operate reliably and has now just plain quit, and the power chair stopped working in drive mode and required pushing out of therapy and into the repair shop. Well... by afternoon the wheelchair was operational (blessing #1) but could not make up into the house; it now sits in the van ready for tomorrow's journey to Columbus.  Janet's awesome English teacher was here to tutor but generously offered to help Ian carry her into the house( blessing#2). Great timing Mr. Mullins! - Getting out tomorrow AM will be another day's adventure for Brian, Ian and I. The gravel path around the house is quite soft.
      Imagine my surprise when we got to the wheelchair office for the repair and no one offered to help get her transferred out!   Yes, I am able to transfer Janet out/into her chair by myself!.(blessing #3) She was not dropped, or injured in any way- weeks of watching the therapists is paying off! :) 

    The day was trying but I am now, more than ever, assured that we are held in the palm of our Lord. He is my refuge and strength. 

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