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Children's Cancer Fund event

James had a great night on Wednesday.  He was one of the several honored hero's at an event to raise money for the Children's Cancer Fund.  This group raises money for research to fight this horrible disease.

James was saluted for his courage and presented with a portrait of himself holding his hockey stick.  It is now picture at the top of the page.

He thought the picture was cool and plans to hanging up for all to see.

The event was created by a co-worker of mine out of the goodness of her heart.  She has no personal connection with kids with cancer but was moved when she produced a story about a family and a child that was dying of cancer.  She wanted to do something to honor that child and her family as well as set an example for her own daughter.  Her name is Meagan and please add her and her family to your prayer list because she has done some wonderful things for people and I am convinced she will do more.

And if that was not enough, Meagan's parents attending the event as well.  Her dad saw how much James loved playing hockey and he bid and won the Dallas Stars signed stick available as part of the events silent auction.

At the end of the night, he presented it to James.  James was stunned and happy.  Cheryl and I (mostly me) were moved to tears, again.  It was another emotional night for us as a family but this time it was because of what James has overcome and what we know he can still do!!