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James’s Story

Our "Little Man" James entered the AMC emergency room on 4/12/10 with a very rare strep type A blood infection, of which we had no idea as his pediatrician and first resident to see him said it was just a "stomach virus".  He decompensated very quickly once we entered the ER and it became clear he was in kidney failure, he was septic, and was suffering from toxic shock all due to the strep group A entering his blood stream.  Normally this bug would only result in a typical "sore" strep throat, however, if it finds it's way into the bloodstream it will wreak havoc.  Unfortunately, James' left arm and right leg were amputated due to the damage done by the disease.  An MRI revealed he had a stroke to the basal ganglia and suffered hypoxia of the cerebellum.  The journey has been very harrowing, trying, & scary for James & his family.  We have such a long road ahead of us, and are hoping for a full recovery.  Our friends at AMC have been outstanding, most definitely saving his life for which we will always be grateful.  James has a long road for recovery but our journey has just begun, please continue to pray for our "Little Man"

Latest Journal Update

James Deere's 8th Birthday

James celebrated his 8th birthday with a bowling party with family & friends in Saratoga.  Everyone had a good time starting with James.  We had a private room with private lanes to celebrate & enjoy all the activities offered.  Our Little Man continues to do very well enjoying school & the beautiful Fall weather.  It is a sad time because James enjoys being outside during the nice weather as much as possible, which of course the Winter does not allow for.  Despite that change it is time to move on to the indoor activities like going to the movies, school, & maybe going to the mall.  As long as James can stay active he is happy.  
Awaiting in the not distant future will be a visit to Boston so James can have his growth plate in the knee corrected as a result of his illness.  The Dr does not describe the operation as serious but none the less an operation, stay tuned for results when it happens.  It has been a great Summer which James & everyone enjoyed completely & can't wait to resume next Summer.
As you can see James continues to do well but his progress continues only with the your help so please continue to keep James in your prayers.
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2 Comentarios

kara skelly
By Kara
Happy Birthday James, I am glad to hear you are doing well!
Sylvia Reyes
Happy birthday to James, sweet child may God continue to bless him always.
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