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Vacation 2014

Well James' Summer school will be ending tomorrow giving him 2.5 weeks vacation until school begins in September.  He went to Boston yesterday for his pre-op check up with his Ortho Dr.  He will be scheduled for corrective surgery on his knee hopefully sometime this Fall.  The surger y is considered "minor" vs. "major" but it will require an overnight stay at the Hospital in Boston.  Stay tuned for details.  James expects to spend some time at the Lake before returning to school & is most excited to do so, hopefully sooner rather than later.  It has been a very good Summer this year & we are looking forward to closing it out on a high note, hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate.  James continues to do well, after his Boston trip yesterday the Drs. are talking about further weaning  his Meds, that I find encouraging.  However anything that does occur with weaning is a very slow process, which is necessary but the past results have been very good.  So as you can see James continues to do well however as always please remember him in your prayers.