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Summer Time

Summer has indeed arrived.  James finished his school year but started his Summer session July 7th, & all seems well.  For the 4th of July James went to the Lake with his family for quite a celebration with more than 30 family & friends.  Everyone including James had a great time.  The weather was good the food was great & everyone enjoyed themselves.  The problem was that it had to end.  James was out on the boat & outside as much as possible with plenty of people to play with.  There were lots of kids & the 4th of July was exactly what you would expect it to be, fishing, swimming, boating,  & eating, not necessarily in that order.  Everyone had a good time with maybe the exception of Mommy, since she came down with the "Bug" at the end of the weekend but managed to survive it.  Excepting that it was a great time!  It was so good that James & his family are planning to do it again for vacation this Summer & I am looking forward to it.  James & Hope love being at the Lake & it seems that Hope is finally acclimating to sleeping at the Lake making life much better for her Mom & everyone else.  In the end there is nothing like family, if you don't believe me ask James, 1 look says it all. 

We are certainly blessed & thankful for the progress our Little Man has made & continues to make.  What is most important is that we take 1 day at a time & taking what the Good Lord gives us.

As you can see James is doing well but remember your prayers are what has allowed him the progress realized & those prayers continue to be needed for the future so please keep James in your prayers.

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Peg Sluus
By Peg, Albany
Happy to hear James is enjoying his family and fun at that lake :-) Hope the summer is a good one for all. Keep up the good work James. As always, you all remain in my prayers.
Mary Hyer
By Mary Hyer
So nice to hear that James continues to make progress! What a great way to spend the 4th, I can just imagine his pleasure at being outside at the lake! I will continue to keep James and you all in my prayers.