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Nice Weather Finally Arrived!

James is doing very well, thank you very much.  James is enjoying the nice weather, finally, very much.  He loves being outside & likes taking long walks with his Dad as well as Popi.  He is a pretty active little boy between school, therapy, & just "hanging out".  He has been very busy these last few weeks, first going to the Lake with all his family for Memorial Day weekend, had a ball, then last week going to his cousins surprise birthday party with a lot of family & friends, had a ball, & then finally yesterday went to his cousins wedding with all his family & friends & had an absolute ball.  I have come to the conclusion that James is just a party animal !!!  It is so satisfying to see him   surrounded by all these people that love this "Little Man" so much but more so how he responds to that love, he is indeed VERY SPECIAL.  

As you can see James is doing fine, however as a result of his MRI from his last trip to Boston, James will need to have his knee operated on later this year.  The details are not known at this time until his Mom & Dad meet with the Dr.  However based on the earlier visit with the Dr. the procedure was characterized "not serious" which would probably require 1 overnight, we shall see, stay tuned. 

Overall things have been going well for James & his family & really looking forward to this Summer.  His next big event should be the 4th of July @ the Lake, it will be a house full of family & friends, just the way we like it.

As always James could not & cannot continue his journey without your help so please keep James in your prayers.