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It has been a good month for James. Slowly the weather is improving & that is good for James. He has able to get outside & that makes him happy. Today will be an exciting day since both James & Hope are going to a friends Birthday Party @ Hoffman's, a local amusement park. They are both very excited & looking forward to going on the rides. James likes the ferris wheel, carousel, & the train. Hope likes them all. Actually both are little dare devils. I am sure it will be fun & I will have fun watching them.
James continues to do well @ school. He had big doings this week getting a new wheel chair, he has outgrown his original wheelchair. His new chair is welcomed since it had become quite tight & looked uncomfortable in the old chair. He definitely has a class "A" chariot now!
As a result of his MRI on our last trip to Boston we have learned that James knee requires an operation. This was caused by his sepsis infection. It is not considered a major operation but nonetheless an operation. This will be scheduled within the next 6 months & require an overnight @ Boston Childrens Hospital, stay tuned.
I learned yesterday that James lost a tooth but it couldn't be found, it is believed he swallowed it, we shall see. James is none the worse for the loss & as happy as ever.
Next week is Memorial Day, the kick off to Summer, so James & all our family will be off to the Lake for the weekend. To say that James & Hope as well as their cousins are excited about going would be an understatement. Now if only the weather will cooperate we will be in great shape, however I think we will have great fun regardless.
As you can see James course is steady & true continuing to do well however this would not be possible without your help so please remember James in your prayers.
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1 Comment

kara skelly
By Kara Skelly
I'm so glad to hear that James is continuing to make improvements. I think of him often and send loving, positive thoughts to all of you. Thank you for continuing to keep us posted.