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Spring Update

James has done well this past month.  We are still awaiting the really nice weather to arrive & stay but the few nice days that have arrived have been most welcomed.  James loves getting outside enjoying the fresh air & the sunshine & did so these last few days.  Last week we had to go to Boston Children's Hospital so James could have his access port removed.  It no longer is required since the blood draws that were more frequently required are now required every 2 - 3 months therefore warranting the port removal.  This wasn't a serious procedure but the trip to Boston is always challenging since the turn around is done in 1 day.  This trip was a little more challenging since James was due in @ 8:45AM which meant we left home @ 5:30AM.  As it turned out it wasn't early enough due to the Boston rush hour traffic, which caused us to be a half hour late.  Fortunately it did not cause problems other than stressing us out but all went well for James.  The trip was 2 fold, the port removal but also he had to have an MRI of his knee that his Ortho Dr wanted.  Depending on the results of the MRI James may require knee surgery, we hope to have those results this week.  As a result of all this activity we finally arrived home @ 8PM that evening making for a very long & tiring day, but James is worth it.
Well this past weekend was Easter which was most enjoyable since James & ALL his family got together went to Church & then had Brunch as a family.  It got a little crazy because of all the people but it was a good time.  James is most happy when surrounded by his family & friends, so am I.
James was on Spring break this past week but is back to school today & I am quite sure very happy to see his friends & teachers @ school.  He continues his progress, slow & steady but moving in the right direction.  His progress continues but he still needs your help so please continue to remember James in your prayers.
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1 Comment

Peg Sluus
Wow, long day indeed, James is such a trooper thank goodness he has such a wonderful, caring, strong family you all are, God has surely blessed you all. Happy you had a great Easter, it was a beautiful sunny day it was. I hope James and Hope will be able to get outside more now with the nice weather coming (yes, it is coming). Love and prayers to all of you.