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James’s Story

Our "Little Man" James entered the AMC emergency room on 4/12/10 with a very rare strep type A blood infection, of which we had no idea as his pediatrician and first resident to see him said it was just a "stomach virus".  He decompensated very quickly once we entered the ER and it became clear he was in kidney failure, he was septic, and was suffering from toxic shock all due to the strep group A entering his blood stream.  Normally this bug would only result in a typical "sore" strep throat, however, if it finds it's way into the bloodstream it will wreak havoc.  Unfortunately, James' left arm and right leg were amputated due to the damage done by the disease.  An MRI revealed he had a stroke to the basal ganglia and suffered hypoxia of the cerebellum.  The journey has been very harrowing, trying, & scary for James & his family.  We have such a long road ahead of us, and are hoping for a full recovery.  Our friends at AMC have been outstanding, most definitely saving his life for which we will always be grateful.  James has a long road for recovery but our journey has just begun, please continue to pray for our "Little Man"

Latest Journal Update

Summer Time 2015

James is finishing his Summer School today & hoping to enjoy some vacation @ the Lake before school begins again in September.  He has continued to do well, his earlier surgery to help correct his knee appears to be slowly correcting, as was hoped & anticipated.  As a result of the corrective knee surgery James is required to wear a full leg brace that is bothersome but necessary for him.  Despite the discomfort my Little Man continues to be strong & fights thru the discomfort.

This last week he surprised his Dad & nurse by clearly saying Dad, the first time this has happened.  He tries very hard to speak but with that exception the words have not come quite yet, but I continue to be hopeful.  This is James favorite time of the year & tries to spend as much time as possible outside, the little boy is alive & well wanting to do everything any other 8 year old wants to.  He does like going to the movies & especially being with his family.  He brings much joy into our lives.  When Hope plays with him he has a gigantic smile, he loves her & she loves him so very much.  It has been a good year thus far hi-lited by the trip to Disneyworld in the Spring with few bumps in the road.  Hopefully James will get to the Lake with his cousins so they can swim, tube, fish, boat and just have a great time with his family which I think is his most favorite thing to do.

Things could always be better but they could be worse so we are happy as to where we are at.  Although he continues to do well it is because of your concern & support, so please as always remember James in your prayers since that is what has allowed him to get this far.