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Jake’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about Jake and his progress.

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Latest Journal Update

Jake's Journal update

Well here it is November already. We have a few things left on our plate during my hospital stay: a day surgery that I believe will be in December, a consultation with a plastic surgeon for a repair, and increasing my time in the wheelchair to simplify matters when I get home. I've been able to do some research on the Internet for site that Toni found. Researchers in England and a surgeon in Poland have taken cells from the nose, which constantly regenerate themselves, and injected them above and below the damage to the spinal cord while placing some material across the break ( http://www.nsif.org.uk/ ).The regenerative cells appear to have repaired the spinal column in the area of the damage. In the first trial, a man who was a complete quadriplegic (ASIS a) is now able to walk with a walker and is rated ASIS c. We sent in emails for them to do a preliminary assessment in my case. The first trial case was for the man who had a knife wound which opened his spinal cord by 8 mm. The damage to my spinal cord has left a larger opening and may or may not be a candidate for this surgery. Anyway, we’ll see. Meanwhile, we need to start concentrating seriously on the planning required for when I go home. There are number of options open to us and we need to examine every one of them and run a comparison to determine the best solution. This is a big project requiring a lot of attention to detail to make sure that Toni is not overwhelmed when I’m home. Thank you for your attention and your prayers for me so long after the injury occurred. There are so many situations other than mine that require prayer and support. In our “little” family alone, we have issues with cancer, potential blindness, PRS syndrome in our little granddaughter, panic attacks, heart issues, and diabetes, along with the regular litany of illnesses that strike our children and parents alike. I’m sure that among you, our readers and supporters, there are many more such issues. This only emphasizes the need for common support and prayer.

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3 Comentarios

Linda Munroe
By Linda Munroe
I love what you have said about needing "common support & prayer". Fortunately our God is a great God who can remind us that we need to be prayerful & supportive of others since we seem to forget so easily. Praise be to Him as He works in our lives! Continuing to pray for you & Toni!
Ronnie Beans
By Ronnie
Good to hear from you, Jake. It would be wonderful if more light could be shed on fixing your spinal cord. Only time will tell, I guess. I will plan on coming up for a visit next summer. I have my class reunion in July so it would be a hop, skip and a jump to visit while in NY state. I hope that the winter isn't too rough on you kids up there. I'm praying for you and Toni to remain as faithful as ever to walk through this challenging season in your lives. One thing remains true: the end of the story is great. Love to you both, Ronnie
Ernie Brook
Yes Jake, I actually heard about "these nose cells" on TV and saw the guy who had the procedure who was walking again after the knife wound damage to his spine. I'm sure every case is different but there's always "hope" you & Toni have plenty of that going around.
Good luck with your "coming home" arrangements, love Anne Brook