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Jake’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about Jake and his progress.

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Latest Journal Update

Journal update by Jake

Well here I am again with MRSa positive infection , "stay back, unclean, unclean…". Well, I've had it for 2 years and it hasn't bothered either. Toni or me. They've moved me to a room for 2 which actually overlooks the lake and I can see the wind turbine at work. My roommate is a real gentleman from Portugal; he has regular visitors and he loves to watch certain shows on TV. But he also likes to sleep a lot. I've got the window seat and so it's quite comfy here. In December, they remove my Foley catheter and put in a supra pubic catheter which goes directly from under my belly button into the bladder. They put in a small one in December and, at the end of the month, they replaced it with a large catheter tube which is not as susceptible to blockages as Foley catheters can be. Plus, there is no risk of damage. I had a bit of a fever after each of these visits, but the fever didn't last long. So now I'm concentrating on healing the wound and increasing my tolerance in the chair, eventually up to 8 hours. This will reduce my need for external care when I get home. OI'm still continuing to exercise any muscles that I have that I can control. My right arm is moving a little bit more, which is great fun.
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betty Carroll
Happy New Year Jake.
Good for you Jake.Keep those muscles moving.Even a little means they are listening and trying to work.
I can tell with my lame left arm. When I do my exercises,and lift my left arm along with the right one putting my weights together. it forces my left arm to try Then.I just put down my weights and pull my left arm up towards the ceiling with my right arm,and it keeps it loos and fit, if not then the arm can cease up .Hope you had a wonderful New year with lots of friends coming by.
Is your roommate aside from watching TV also nice to have around or does he not speak much English being from Portugal.
Well hoping and wishing everything will clear up soon.When you get the other catheter.
As always we are keeping you in our prayers. Your sis Betty.
Julia Stewart  (Dowell)
By Julia Stewart (Dowell)
You are such an inspiration to me. Thankyou. Blessings and more to you and your family. I've gotten through this Holiday Season intact as a widow. My David passed away in August. God has blessed and taken care of me. What an awesome feeling to be carried in His arms. 10 and 1/2 months married to a man of God, who showed me how a husband is to treat his wife, just wasn't long enough, but even though one doesn't understand we still trust completely. Once again, blessings to you.
Julia Stewart  (Dowell)
By Julia Stewart (Dowell)
You inspire me. You manage to stay strong and positive. Blessings and more to you. I've made it through the Christmas Season as a widow. God is good and has carried me in His loving arms. What an awesome feeling.
brenda thurgood
Happy New Year Jake...sorry to hear that you have MRSa. You are a real trouper...you are obviously graced with an abundance of God's grace. We continue to keep you in our prayers...keep smiling. Brenda and Chris.