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Jake Update:

So, Jake is still in the hospital. He is feeling better and is able to talk more and be awake for longer periods during the day. His pain has moved from his back to his abdomen, but is manageable. We are hoping he will be able to get his other chest tube out soon, as that causes pain too. He still has a catheter and another drainage tube coming out of his lower abdomen. All in all, Jake looks better every day. He becomes more alert the more he tries to eat/drink. He still hasn't gotten up to walk, but that is our goal for this afternoon after the chest tube comes out. Also, the only complication as of yet is his white blood count has risen and keeps rising, they've been cautious and thorough, giving him CT Scans and checking for possible fevers and infections being the cause of the white count being elevated. They say that because Jake had his spleen removed with surgery that that could be the cause, but they are watching him closely still. Like i said before, he is doing great, and we HOPE he'll be out of here by Monday at the earliest! Yahoo!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and well wishes. Jake, myself, and our family are very grateful and we cant thank you enough! I'll keep you updated as to when Jake will be discharged!
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Amy Doyle
By Amy
Glad to hear that you are all home again! Thinking of you every single day! Sending big hugs! Love you guys!!
Paul Lueck
By Paul Lueck
Jake my prayers are with you and your family.
Penny Shaw
By Penny Shaw
Thank you Laura for your update, great to hear Jake is moving forward in his progress! Hoping you will all be home soon. our thoughts are with you daily, wishing you well!
Jackie Carlson
By Jackie Carlson
Thanks for the update:) Hoping all goes well and that he really can get out of there soon!! Praying for all of you.
Wendy Vekich
By Wendy Vekich
Thanks for the update, great news thinking and praying for all of you.
Debbie Anderson
By Debbie & Don Anderson
Thank you for the up-date. That's great news! We think of all of you often and will continue to pray. Hopefully Jake will be home soon. :)
Lowell Nix
By — last edited
We're so happy to hear that things are going well ! Hope you're able to go home soon !
Sharon Johnson
By Gary and Sharon johnson
good news -progress is being made! Keep up the great work Jake! Sounds like you'll get to go home soon...yay!!