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Ok. So, surgery is done. It took 10 hours, when they originally estimated 5. He is in the ICU, he is stable, and will prob remain there for a couple days. His breathing tube will hopefully come out tomorrow. As for the surgery, what we are aware of as of now is that they successfully removed 90-95% of the disease. With that, they had to remove his colon, spleen, gallbladder and a chunk of his lung. They went through 7+ units of blood because Jake was not clotting all that well towards the end of the surgery due the length of the surgery. Thank you all for your endless thoughts and prayers. It has been a long day, and Terry and I appreciate your kindness as we endure this together. We just want our boy better!!!!!!!

Lots of love and gratitude,


P.s. I'll update again tomorrow once we see how our brave patient is doing. Until then, good night!
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mary tafs
By mary tafs
Sending lots of prayers your way!
bill bordson
Bill & I want to tell you our thoughts, prayers and love are with you everyday! We are so proud of you Jake for being so strong for all that you have endured, and to Laura for being the special person that you are! We will see you both soon! Also to both of your families, thank you all for being there for Jake, Laura, Boston & Scarlett!
Casie (Blix) Wick
By Casie (Blix) Wick
You are an amazing person and an inspiration to a lot of people! Not a day goes by I don't think of you guys. Thinking and praying for you and your family and sending lots of positive energy for a speedy recovery.
cindy davidson
By Cindy Davidson
Thank you so much for the updates. You are all such a strong family and I pray that Jake will get stronger and be able to come home soon!!! Prayers to you all.
Jackie Carlson
By Carlson's..Jackie, Angie, Bob, Gus, Erin, Dan and families
Thanks so much for the updates you give. Glad Jake's surgery is over and that he is stable. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers....hang in there.
Barb Olson
By Barb Olson
Prayers to you all. Keep up the great fight!
Barb Olson
By Barb Olson
Prayers to you all. Keep up the great fight!
Debbie Anderson
By Debbie & Don Anderson
We're so happy the surgery is over, and we'll continue to pray for all of you.