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  • Dec 23, 2012 12:07pm

    Had all the kids out for Christmas last night, wish you were here with us even though I know you were. Have a wonderful Christmas Love you.

    Bonita Erickson

  • Dec 14, 2012 8:12pm

    Today the whole country is in shock over the latest school shooting in CT. So hard to believe that this could happen to innocent children. Jade I know you will comfort them and their families. Take care baby girl. Give all the children a kiss and one of your awesome hugs. Love you and miss you.


    Bonita Erickson

  • May 6, 2012 10:00pm

    Hey little girl, Hope you got the balloon we sent you for your birthday. We will get together on Wed and have a big balloon release for you. Sure do miss you baby. Love you always Grandma


    Bonita Erickson

  • May 5, 2012 5:32pm

    happy birthday jade <3 love you and miss you

    megan wiest

  • May 5, 2012 10:08am

    Hello my little angle!!!! Today your 7 yrs old!! Hope you are having a big party in heaven!! Tomorrow me, hoffer and the kids are going out to grandma and grandpa to have a party for ya!!! We miss you soo much!! Thinking of you today and everyday after!!! Love you xoxoxoxox

    angie hoffer

  • Mar 22, 2012 7:24pm

    Hey Jaders! I miss you so much! I'll never forget you! You're always close to my heart and never stray far from my thoughts. I love you baby girl! Though I still wish you were here with us, I know you are at peace now. I hope to see you again someday.

    Cassie Block

  • Dec 25, 2011 10:36pm

    angie hoffer

  • Dec 16, 2011 8:22am

    Hello my beautiful angel! i haven't been very good about writing to you! i'm sorry i will more often! i think about you every single day baby girl!! i miss you like crazy!!! guess what jade?!?! i had a baby last summer!!! his name is Liam!! i wish more than anything in the world that he could meet you and get one of those awesome hugs from you!!! i just know he would have loved you so so much!!! we got to see your daddy for Thanksgiving!! it was really good to see him!! we all miss you terribly Jaders!! i'm sure you know... we talk about you ALL the time!! its almost christmas time and i tell you what jaders i know we would all give up every present on earth to just spend 5 more minutes with you!!! you are very loved and missed every day!!! always and forever in my heart
    ur fairy godmother
    ps can you find jordyn up there and give her a big squeeze for me too?? i miss you lil girls!! 

    Robin Dean

  • Dec 13, 2011 4:57pm

    Hello Princess, we are on our way to the school for the Christmas program. I will be thinking of you and wishing that you were here with all of your friends, singing. I know you will be singing in Heaven. Wish I could hear you. Have a Merry Christmas little girl. Miss you and love you always Grandma.

    Bonita Erickson

  • Sep 17, 2011 10:52am

    Hello my shining star :) we are going to fargo today celebrate clarissa's 6th birthday. her wish was to have you come with!! she misses you soo much, we all miss you so much! there isnt a day that goes by in our house that a memory of you is brought up! almost everynight we find the brightest star in that huge sky and we talk to it cuz clarissa knows its you looking down on us!! so until next time angel...keep looking down on us and keep us safe :) we love you!!

    angie hoffer

  • Aug 21, 2011 10:43am

    Yesterday your grandfather and I took Kennedi, Clarissa, and Jaxon to Storybook in Aberdeen. The kids threw coins into the wishing well and made wishes. No suprise that Clarissa's wish was that you could have been there too. She misses you so much. today we made t-shirt pillows from your t-shirts. Now she can snuggle with her pillow under the blanket of yours that we gave her.

    Bonita Erickson

  • Aug 7, 2011 1:42pm

    Hi Jade! I am just stopping in to let you know I think of you everyday and miss you so much! We had family reunion and it sure was different without your infectious smile! You would have loved to see Robin's baby Liam. Kaide had a baby in August last year and they named her Elyza Jaide Bishop after you. Everytime I say her name I think of you. You are such a special little girl and we all love you so much I wish so badly that we could just have one more day with you! I love you Jader!

    Stacy Stover

  • Jul 9, 2011 8:20am

    Only one year has passed,
    Though it feels like longer.
    People say things will get better,
    I don't feel any stronger.

    At times I sit and cry
    missing you, oh, so much.
    The way we laughed, your smile,
    deep in my heart you have forever touched.

    RIP Jade!! Love you my angel

    angie hoffer

  • Jun 26, 2011 7:45pm

    hello beautiful... uncle hoffer wanted to say hello and that he misses and loves you. thinks about you everyday. clarissa and jaxon miss you tons. i miss you everyday. but we all know that you are an angel looking over us. xoxoxoxo til next time!!

    angie hoffer

  • May 19, 2011 9:45pm

    Hello Jade, I haven't sent you a message in a long time but you know that I think of you everyday. Just wanted to say that I missed you at kindergarten graduation tonight. You would have lite that place up. All of your friends from headstart and new ones that you never got to meet all had a wonderful time. I am sure that you heard them singing.Lily's mom said that Lily asks about you and tells her how much she misses you. So if you find time look down on Lily and let her know that you are all right. Love You and Miss you forever Grandma

    Bonita Erickson

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